2nd Announcement of International Conference: Alive Universe - from Planets to Galaxies Okt 03, 2022 | 14:10 / KONFRANSLAR

Dear participants!


There are only a few days left before the start of our conference. By this time, we received about 50 reports, of which 16 were submitted as a plenary report. The geography of reports is very wide, because we apologize in advance if anyone will be uncomfortable due to the use of local (Baku) time.

Because we have enough time, we did not reduce the number of reports submitted. The programme of the conference by day and hour is already ready. I would like to note that in order not to leave anyone behind, we propose that all plenary presentations be completed in 35 (30+5) minutes, and oral presentations in 15 minutes (10+5).

The time for submitting abstracts for the conference already finished (30 September). Those speakers, who have not yet sent abstracts of their reports, please send them urgently, because, an electronic version of the collection of abstracts is being prepared, which will be posted on our website in a few days, and by the beginning of the conference we plan to prepare a printed copy of the collection of abstracts.

As already reported, we plan to publish all completed reports in the form of an article. The rules for preparing publications in the style of our journal AzAJ are given in the 1st announcement. The rules for writing articles for our journal are on the website http://aaj.shao.az , at the bottom left corner of the page. The collection of articles should be published before the end of the year, therefore, in order not to delay the issue, we ask everyone to prepare their articles in advance. Paper submission deadline is October 30, 2022.

Please also familiarize yourself with the compiled program of talks. In the program of we have already changed the places of the reports on the galaxies at the request of the plenary speakers. Phis process confused our plans and we had to draw up the program a little out of order, although we tried to make the reports of the same type for the sections. Therefore, we ask everyone to kindly respect the work of the organizers and do not ask for big changes in the program.

Two chairs will manage each session; this is for safety net and assistance to each other. Chairs can agree among themselves which of them will manage of his session.

If each participant (mainly speakers) of the conference respects both his own time and the time of other participants, an interesting conference will take place and everyone will be satisfied.

Please follow the information on our website: 1st Announcement

Please send all questions that concern you to our e-mail addresses:



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See you soon at our conference.


Organizing Committee

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