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We are pleased to announce the international scientific conference "Alive Universe - from Planets to Galaxies", which is planned to hold at the Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory named after N.Tusi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ShAO ANAS) in October 12-14, 2022.

Poster of Conference 



In the era of rapid development of modern astrophysics, it is one of the important issues of the day to discuss the innovations achieved in the field of experimental and theoretical astrophysics. At the expense of powerful computers, many different scientific directions in astrophysics had been solved - from the detection of planets in stars by various methods to the determination of the masses of various galactic clusters and determination of their morphological structure in the radio range. Over the past decade, X-ray, ultraviolet, infrared, and radio data for billions of different objects acquired by various international space missions have enriched our knowledge of the solar system, stars, and galaxies. At present, the assimilation and analysis of all this knowledge in various fields of astrophysics requires huge scientific resources and human labor. The analysis and theoretical interpretation of the new observational data obtained contributes to the enrichment of our scientific knowledge in the field of astrophysics.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss new scientific results obtained in areas corresponding to the areas of scientific research conducted in the field of astrophysics in the ShAO ANAS and in our region, as well as a broad discussion of the studied and promising scientific works.

At the conference sessions, original results of famous and young scientists from different countries in the physics of stars and planets will be presented. The conference will provide an opportunity for young scientists to present the results of their research. One of the most important tasks of the conference will be to establish contacts between scientists from various astronomical institutes in order to organize joint research projects in the future.


Conference working language: English


For all questions concerning the organization and participation in the conference, please contact us at The information on the conference will be find in web page of ShAO (


The main topics of Conference:

1.      Solar Physics and Sun –Earth relations

1.1.     Solar atmosphere and solar activity

1.2.     Sun –Earth relations

2.      Solar system bodies

2.1.     Giant Planets

2.2.     Earth group planets

2.3.     Asteroids and comets

3.      Stars

3.1.   Stellar wind and magnetism of massive stars

3.2.   Stellar atmospheres, chemical abundances

3.3.   Variable stars. Stellar evolution.

3.4.   Relativistic objects –neutron stars, black holes

4.      Active Galaxy Nuclei 

4.1.   Seyfert qalaxies and quasars

4.2.   Evolution of galaxies and Universe structure


Scientific Organization Committee (SOC)

Andrievskii Sergei (Ukraine)

Andronov Ivan (Ukraine)

Bisikalo Dmitry (Russia)

Cherepaschuk Anatoliy (Russia)

Dzhalilov Namiq (Azerbaijan) –Chair

Grazina Tautvaisiene (Lithuania)

Guliyev Ayyub (Azerbaijan)

Ismailov Nariman (Azerbaijan)

Jiri Kubat (Czech)

Kholtygin Aleksandr (Russia)

Mashonkina Lyudmila (Russia)

Pogodin Mikhail (Russia)

Romanyuk Iosif (Russia)

Sagdeev Roald (USA)

Samus Nukolay (Russia)

Suleymanov Valeriy (Germany)

Tolga Guver (Turkey)


Invited speakers:

Alexander LutovinovX-ray sky with the SRG Observatory (SRİ, RAS, Russia)

Alexei Moiseev. Optical study of AGN ionizing cones (SAO RAS, Russia)

Anatoly Miroshnichenko . Proving the Binary Hypothesis for the FS CMa Group of Objects with the B[e] Phenomenon (University of North Carolina  - Greensboro, USA)

Andrey Zhilkin. Electromagnetic response from merging black holes surrounded by an accretion disk (Institute of Astronomy RAS, Russia).

Brankica Kubátová. The most striking challenges in the theory of massive star winds (AI AS, Czech Republic)

Dmitry Sokoloff. Exoplanet studies helping to understand solar activity cycle nature (Moscow State University and  IZMIRAN, RAS, Russia)

Ilya Yakunin. Magnetism of massive stars (SAO RAS, Russia)

Ivan Andronov et al., Statistically Optimal Phenomenological Modelling of Variable Stars (ONMU,  Ukraine)

Michaela Kraus. Unveiling the environments of extreme massive stars (AI AS Czech Republic)

Mikhail A.Pogodin, N.G.Beskrovnaya, O.V.Kozlova. «Circumstellar peculiarities of Herbig Ae/Be stars derived from high-resolution spectroscopy (Pulkovo and CrAO, RAS, Russia)

Nariman  Ismailov, U.Z.Valiyev, N.S. Dzhalilov. Protoplanetary disks of low - and intermediate mass young stars (ShAO, Azerbaijan)

Roald Sagdeev. Layman Spitzer - Founder of the cosmic astronomy.

Valery Shematovich. Atmospheric loss for the terrestrial planets in the Solar and eco solar planetary systems  ( Institute of Astronomy RAS, Russia )

Valery Suleimanov. Spectral evolution of X-ray bursts in Low Mass X-ray Binaries (UT, Germany).

Victor Oknyanskiy. Changing looks (CL) of the nucleus of Seyfert galaxy NGC 1566 compared with other CL AGNs (SAI MSU, Russia).


Full list of plenary reports will be published at the soon


Local Organizing Committee (LOC) 

1. Ismailov Nariman Zeynalabdi oglu, - Chairman

2. Abdulkarimova Aynur Fikret kizi

3. Adygezalzade Hamayil Nadir kizi

4. Rustam Ulker Rafig kizi

5. Rustamov Janmamed Nizam oglu

6. Atayi Adalat Abulfat oglu

7. Hajiyeva Gunay Maharram kizi

8. Huseynov Nazim Ali oglu

9. Khalilov Orkhan Vaqif oglu

10. Mamedova Sabina Olegovna


Chair of the Local Organizing Committee 

Prof. Ismailov N.Z. (, +994 506230631)


Secretary of the Scientific Organizing Committee 

Hasanova Aynura (



Important dates: 

1st announce - July 20, 2022

Registration and abstract submission starts - July 20, 2022

Registration close - October 5, 2022

2rd announce – September 30, 2022

The deadline for submitting abstracts – September 30, 2022 (18:00, s.t.)

Conference start - October 12, 2022

Closing of the conference - October 14, 2022 (13:00, s.t.)

Conference working days -  12 - 14 October, 2022


Registration and abstract submission

For makeup registration, you can to copy and fill out on the separate page the following form:



1. First, last and middle name _______________________________

2. Affiliation ______________________________________________

3. Position ________________________________________________

4. E-mail, telephone ________________________________________

5. Title of the contribution __________________________________

6. Type of contribution (oral or poster) _______________________



Abstract submitting:

Abstracts should be prepared in English for further publication.

Please send the abstracts in Latex or Word format as a separate file to the conference address ( In the file name, specify the name of the first author. Abstracts rules: 


1. Title of presentation in capital bold letters

2. Initials and names of the authors (bold)

3. Affiliation, address of the organizations (in italic)

4. Email address

5. The main text of the abstract without figures and citations

6. Size 1 page A4, maximum 2500 characters, through 1 interval

7. Fields above and below 2.5 cm, left 3 cm, and right 1.5 cm.

8. Font 12 pt, Times New Roman


Abstracts can be sent both during registration and later. The Organizing Committee will inform you about the inclusion of the report to the conference program. The collection of theses of reports will be published in the separate edition before beginning of the conference.



After passing the preliminary review, the conference materials will be published in English in the separate issue of the Azerbaijan Astronomical Journal (AzAJ). The size of review reports is up to 16 pages, oral reports up to 10 pages, poster presentations 4 pages of A4 format, issued in the Latex version. Style files can be get in web page of the AzAJ, on the left bottom side in the folder “Rules” (

Deadline for article submission of the reports will be announced during the conference. To quick up the process of publishing the conference materials, we ask the authors to prepare manuscripts in advance (up to October 30, 2022).


Conference location:

Azerbaijan, Shamakhy, settl. Y. Mammadaliyev (Observatory), zoom connection.


Organizing Committee:

Address: AZ5626 pos. Y. Mamedaliyeva, ShAO, Shamakhy, Azerbaijan

Phone: +994 506230631, WhatsApp

Web page:


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1. Salehli Orkhan

2. Lale Salimzade

3. Akhmedov Pasha  

4. Bahaddinova Gunel  

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