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Dear colleagues!

We  would  like  to  draw  your  attention  to  the  news  and  additional  new  information  about  our  conference.  We  tried  to  answer  all  your  questions  as  carefully  as  possible,  so  please  read  1st  and  2nd  announcements  carefully.


Conference date and location: September 23-24 in the main building of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid ave. 117, Baku city, and September 25-26 in settlement Y.Mammadaliyev, Shamakhy district, Azerbaijan.


Conference working language: English

Сonference format: Hybrid


For all questions concerning the organization and participation in the conference, please contact us at The information on the conference can be found on the web page of ShAO (1st Announcements).


Secretary of the Scientific Organizing Committee 

Aynur Abdulkarimova (


The main topics of Conference:

1.     Solar Physics and the Sun – Earth relations

1.1.  Solar atmosphere and solar activity

1.2.  Sun – Earth relations


2.      Solar system bodies

2.1.  Giant Planets

2.2.  Earth group planets

2.3.  Asteroids and comets

2.4.  Physics of extrasolar planets


3.      Stars

3.1.   Stellar wind and magnetism of massive stars

3.2.   Stellar atmospheres, chemical abundances

3.3.   Variable stars. Stellar evolution

3.4.   Relativistic objects – neutron stars, black holes


4.      Active Galaxy Nuclei 

4.1.   Seyfert qalaxies and quasars

4.2.   Evolution of galaxies and Universe structure


Scientific Organization Committee (SOC)

Andrievskii Sergei (Ukraine)

Andronov Ivan (Ukraine)

Aret Anna (Estonia)

Bakish Volkan (Turkiye)

Borges Fernandes Marcelo (Brazil)

Cidale Lydia (Argentina)

Dzhalilov Namiq (Azerbaijan) – co-chair

Egamberdiyev Shohrat (Uzbekistan)

Guliyev Ayyub (Azerbaijan)

Guver Tolga (Turkiye)

Hubrig Swetlana (Germany)

Ismailov Nariman (Azerbaijan) - co-chair

Kraus Michaela (Czechia)

Lobel Alex (Belgium)

Oknyansky Victor (Israel)

Omarov Chingis (Kazakhstan)

Oudmaijer Rene (United Kingdom)

Rustamov Janmammad  (Azerbaijan) - co-chair

Suleymanov Valeriy (Germany)

Tautvaisiene Grazina (Lithuania)



Invited speakers:

Adigozalzada Hamayil (Azerbaijan)

Amnuel Pavel (Israel)

Andronov Ivan (Ukraine)

Eker Zeki (Turkiye)

Godłowski Włodzimierz (Poland)

Hojayev Alisher (Uzbekistan)

Kaplan Murat (Turkiye) 

Kholtygin Alexandr (Russia)

Kubatova Brankica (Czechia) 

Oknyansky Victor (Israel)

Marsakova Vladyslava (Ukraine)

Maryeva Olga (Czechia)

Miroshnichenko Anatoly (USA)

Rahvar Sohrab (Iran)

Suleimanov Valery (Germany)

Vitaliy Kim (Kazakhistan) 

Yeşilyaprak Cahit (Türkiye)

Zejda Miloslav (Czechia)


Important dates: 

1st Announce – January 29, 2024

Registration and abstract submission starts – January 29, 2024

Registration close – September 10, 2024

The deadline for submitting abstracts – August 23, 2024 (18:00, s.t.)

Arrival day: September 22, 2024

Conference start  September 23, 2024

Closing of the conference – September 26, 2024 (15:00, s.t.)

Conference working days – 23-26 September, 2024

Article for proceedings publication:  November 15, 2024.


Registration fee 

We have received some financial support from the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan Republic, so our registration fees have been significantly reduced.

Registration fee for the conference is for foreign participants 100 AZN (for students 50 AZN), and for accompanied person 25 AZN.

For local participants 20 AZN (free for students).

The registration fee includes travel arrangements between Baku and Shamakhy, coffee breaks, an evening Welcome Party at the observatory, and for publication of the conference materials.

The registration fee can be paid in cash after arrival in Baku at the LOC registration desk. Those, who wish to participate in the conference in online regime, participation is free, Invited speakers also are free from the registration fees.

You can copy the following registration form from the web page, create any text file, paste, fill it out, and submit it to the SOC Secretary.



1. First, last and middle name_______________________________

2. Affiliation____________________________________________

3. Position _____________________________________________

4. E-mail, telephone______________________________________

5. Title of the contribution_________________________________

6. Type of contribution (oral or poster)________________________

7. In what section you assumed make a report__________________

8. Arrival date _________________________________________

9. Departure date________________________________________

10. Visa requirements____________________________________

11. Dietary requirements___________________________________

12. Accompanying person__________________________________

13. Choose the living room during sessions in ShAO for September 24 and 25, 2024:

a) In flats of 5-floor building, capacity 2, 3 or 4 people, with individual rooms (person number)___________________

b) In one and two-floor cottages, capacity 4 and 6 people, with individual rooms (person number)___________________

14. If you know the exact arrival time to Azerbaijan,

Please indicate_______________________________________

15. If you will online connect to the conference (without coming), please write at this point___________________________________


After registration and abstract submission to participants will be sent a personal invitation letter. Please let us know whether you need an invitation letter for a VISA application.


Visa requirements

To obtain a visa to travel to Azerbaijan, please check the required rules with the embassy at your place of residence. Those, who have registered and wish to come to the conference we provide with a letter of invitation.


Abstract submitting:

Abstracts should be prepared in English for further publication. Please send the abstracts in Latex or Word format as a separate file to the conference address ( In the file name, specify the name of the first author.


Abstracts rules: 

1. Title of presentation in capital bold letters

2. Initials and names of the authors (bold)

3. Affiliation, address of the organizations (in italics)

4. Email address

5. The main text of the abstract without figures and citations

6. Size 1 page A4, maximum 2500 characters, through 1 interval

7. Fields above and below 2.5 cm, left 3 cm, and right 1.5 cm.

8. Font 12 pt, Times New Roman


Abstracts can be sent both during registration and later. The Organizing Committee will inform you about the inclusion of the report in the conference program. The collection of these reports will be published in a separate edition before the beginning of the conference.



After passing the preliminary review, the conference materials will be published in English in a separate issue of the Azerbaijan Astronomical Journal (AzAJ). The size of review reports is up to 16 pages, oral reports up to 10 pages, and poster presentations 4 pages in A4 format, issued in the Latex version. Style files can be found on the web page of the AzAJ, on the left bottom side of the folder “Rules” ( In the AzAJ journal, all articles are provided with a personnel DOI index, and the journal is included in the ADS database.

The deadline for article submission of the reports will be announced during the conference. To speed up the process of publishing the conference materials, we ask authors to prepare manuscripts in advance (up to September 30, 2024). 


Accommodation during the conference

Those who are planning to come to Baku on September 22, which is the day of arrival, can book a hotel in Baku for 2 days, i.e. with accommodation on September 22 and 23, 2024  in Baku.

On the rest days of the conference, which will be held in ShAO, in the settl. Mamedaliev, guests can stay in comfortable cottages and guest houses of the observatory.

Significant discount will be applied to the prices of accommodation and meals in ShAO. The preferential cost of living per day for one person in cottages is 50 AZN and in guest apartments 20 AZN. Since September 26 is the day of departure, living in ShAO will only be needed for two days (September 24 and 25, 2024).

In the observatory has a canteen where you can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The average price per day for food is no more than 20 AZN.

There is a store on the territory of the observatory where you can buy food and drinks. (Exchange course at this moment is   1$ ~ 1.7 AZN,   or 1 EUR ~ 2 AZN). There are no currency exchange offices at the observatory, so if you need local currency, you can exchange it at the rate in Baku or Shamakhy. You can also withdraw money from your international Visa and Master cards at ATMs in the city.

There is a large set of different hotels in Baku. We recommend choosing the hotels in the area of the metro station Elmler Akademiyasi, where meetings will be held in the main building of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Baku, Huseyn Javid ave., 117).


Conference dinner

A conference dinner will be held on September 25 at 19:00 at the ShAO. The participation fee is 40 AZN.


Guided tours 

During the conference, will be organized short-term guided tours to tourist spots in Baku and Shamakhy.

In Baku

‒ Ateshgah – Gala – Yanardag (Eternal torches of Baku) – 20 AZN

‒ Shirvanshahs Palace, Maiden Tower, Old City Baku – 25 AZN

‒ Gobustan - Gobustan rocks, ancient inscriptions – 20 AZN

In Shamakhy

‒ Historical architectural monument and Winery – 25 AZN

‒ Historical places of Lahij, and Demirchi – 20 AZN


Note: For tours, the prices indicated are preliminary, and depending on the circumstances (number of participants, lectures held, etc.) may be changed.


On the tours for details see here


Organizing Committee:

Address: AZ5626 Mammadaliyev settlement, ShAO, Shamakhy district, Azerbaijan Republic.

Web page:



Co-chair: prof. Nariman Ismailov, email: 

Mobile: +994 506230631, WhatsApp

Secretary: Aynur Abdulkarimova, email: 

Mobile:  +994 514503607, WhatsApp

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